Moving The Bitcoin Folder From Appdata

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29 Mar 2017.

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if you haven't deleted, moved, or renamed any of the encrypted files.

file types option > click Apply to all folders > click Apply > Apply > OK.

Set up restriction policies to disable the execution of any .exe files from AppData/Roaming.

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The reason is that in the following directory very much *.


*.tmp files are stored: C:WindowsServiceProfilesLocalServiceAppDataLocalTempTfsStore Tfs_DAV.

These files are not created by cryptomator but are related with Windows' WebDAV client.

Is there a way to move/link the Tfs_DAV folder somewhere else?

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28 Oct 2016.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your database folder.

You'll need to enable see 'Hidden Files and Folders' in Windows Explorer to find the AppData folder.

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