Cryptocurrency Market Cap Breaches $300 Bln

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It seems almost too much to imagine, but the market cap for Bitcoin alone has now reached over $300 bln. The combined market cap for all cryptocurrencies is quickly closing in on $450 bln. Just two weeks ago the market cap for all cryptocurrencies crossed the $300 bln mark, with Bitcoin holding strong dominance of that market. However, since that time,

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15/11/2018  · Bitcoin (BTC) Market Cap Breaches $100 Billion for the First Time in 13 Months. The mid-week sell-off has propelled BTC to levels last seen in October 2017. By. Craig Russo-Nov 15, 2018 – 8:40 AM . Marco Verch / Flickr. Share Tweet Reddit Telegram. With the crypto market ostensibly in free-fall mode Wednesday, Bitcoin shed some $15 billion in value, dropping as low as $5,570 and hitting a.

Total crypto marketcap prediction using logarithmic regressionCrypto Market Overview: Bitcoin breaches $5,200 and total crypto market cap gains $5 billion Cryptos | Apr 16 2019, 22:54 GMT. Bitcoin bulls were able to breach past the $5,200 level after it fell.

23/05/2020  · Joel Comm 54 minutes ago Moving Coins, Data Breaches, and Magical Authors: Bad Crypto News of the Week Check out this week’s Bad Crypto News. 1788 Total views 37 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 AUDIO It’s been a good week for Bitcoin. The.

24/05/2020  · The halving doesn’t seem to have done the top cryptocurrency any harm at all, with the dollar value up more than 8 percent over the previous week. Ethereum is up more than 10 percent which just shows that the opportunity for blockchain-based solutions are still red-hot. If you’re [.

] It’s been a good week for Bitcoin. The halving doesn’t seem to have done the top cryptocurrency any.

Ovеr the раѕt week, the cryptocurrency mаrkеt аnd bitcoin hаvе consistently bееn vоlаtіlе in thе $300 bіllіоn rеgіоn, mоvіng up аnd dоwn wіthіn thе range оf $280 bіllіоn and $350 bіllіоn. Thе mаrkеt hаѕ operated wіthіn this bоundаrу thrоughоut Mаrсh. Continuous Vоlаtіlіtу Thе cryptocurrency mаrkеt has ѕtrugglеd to dеmоnѕtrаtе.